Vårdroppar has gotten some great reviews!

The latest one is from Folkwords:

This new album, ‘Vårdroppar’ from Rydvall and Mjelva is a superb piece of work, together these two outstanding musicians have taken traditional music from Norway and Sweden, added some original compositions and delivered something essential. Weaving the tunes around their skills with Nyckelharpe (Swedish keyed fiddle) and Hardanger fiddle they take the listener on a journey through evocative expression, joyful illustration and organic interpretation. The recording has a pure sound to it that owes much to Ål Church in Hallingdal that clearly lends its dramatic acoustics to Tor Magne Hallibakken’s engineering abilities.

There’s an otherworldly, ancient feel to this haunting music that takes its influences from family and friends, seasons and places. Their music wraps itself around its subjects to bring aural images into sharp focus. Following the opening magic of ‘Akademipolska’, there are traditional tracks like the enthralling ‘Polska efter Dahlfors’ and ‘Gro Gudmundsrud’ sitting perfectly alongside originals like ‘Hjaltaren’ and the involving ‘Morfars Schottis’.

‘Vårdroppar’ is an album awash with captivating music generated by Erik Rydvall and Olav Luksengård MjelvaWebsite: www.rydvallmjelva.com

Review: Charlie Elland