Rydvall/Mjelva – The sound of the North

Join the unique musical journey with the award-winning duo Rydvall/Mjelva!

Erik Rydvall on the nyckelharpa and Olav Luksengård Mjelva on the Hardanger fiddle will take you through the enchanting world of Nordic folk music, where tradition meets innovation. Their dynamic interplay and vivid interpretations create an unforgettable concert experience.

Expect virtuosity and energy from two of the Nordic region’s foremost folk musicians. Their performances blend traditional melodies with innovative arrangements, creating a captivating journey through the musical landscapes of Sweden and Norway.

Erik Rydvall is a renowned nyckelharpa player, celebrated for his technical skill and expressive performances. Olav Luksengård Mjelva is a highly esteemed Hardanger fiddle player, honored with the prestigious Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammy). Together, Rydvall/Mjelva have released critically acclaimed albums and performed at major folk music festivals across Europe and North America.

In addition to their work as a duo, Rydvall and Mjelva are also members of the Lodestar Trio, along with renowned violinist Max Baillie. This unique collaboration explores the intersection of Baroque and folk music, offering audiences a fresh and innovative take on these timeless genres.

Rydvall/Mjelva have also made their mark in the world of film and television. Their evocative music has been featured in major productions such as Lord of the Rings, Loki, and God of War, adding a rich, Nordic flavor to these epic stories.

As one album review puts it, “The sound of the North – here it is.”

Don’t miss the chance to experience Rydvall/Mjelva live. Their music will touch your soul and make your heart beat a little faster.

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